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Using Your SNAP/Lone Star Card at Cowtown Farmers Market

Cowtown Farmers Market is happy to be able to accept SNAP EBT for eligible purchases. SNAP customers are able to double their purchasing power through the Double Up Food Bucks program thanks to support from Blue Zones Project.

CFM SNAP Facts.png

How to Use Your Lonestar Card

Visit the info booth at our market to start the process of using your Lonestar Card with our vendors.

We will swipe your card for the amount you want to spend at the market, exchange it for spending tokens and provide you with the same amount (up to $30 per day) in Double Up vouchers.

You use these tokens and vouchers just like cash with our vendors on qualifying purchases!

SNAP_DUFB Posts Currency.png

Cowtown Farmers Market Currencies

Tokens are given in exchange for the amount swiped from your Lonestar Card. They can be used to purchase any eligible food items from our vendors.

Vouchers will be given to double your SNAP amount - up to $30 per day. These vouchers can only be spent on fruits & veggies. 

SNAP_DUFB Posts (1).png

SNAP Token Eligible Items

SNAP Eligible items at farmers markets follow the same rules as at the grocery store ( At our market, almost all of the products are eligible! The only items not eligible are food truck foods, soaps, dog treats/food and flowers.

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