New Member Applications

We have limited space especially during peak season and as a result we are not actively looking for additional new artisan/cottage vendors. That being said, local growers are encouraged too apply.






Name as on social security card: __________________________________________________________________________________

Farm / Business Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________City:_____________________________

County: ____________________________ Zip: _____________

Business Address: (if different)

 _________________________________________________ City: _____________________________ County: ____________________________  Zip: _____________

Home/Business Phone(s): _____________________________________________________________

Cell Phone(s): __________________________________________________________________________

Email(s): _______________________________________________________________________________

(all market communications are sent via e-mail )

Website (if you have one to list in promotions ) _________________________________________________


Are you currently a member of another farmers market? __________________________


Please list other markets you attend: _________________________________________


Have you ever been suspended or expelled from any Farmer Market Association? _____


If yes, please explain ____________________________________________________


Do you own or operate a farm market stand or produce market? __________________


List employees who will sell: (other than family or market members)    ___________________________________________________________________________________

Please list all types of produce you grow for sale/all value-added products you would like to sell at market:










Number of acres in production _________ Total dry land ________ Total irrigated land ____________


Number of fruit/nut trees _______   Number of berries, grapes, etc.  _________.


Growing practices:  Certified Organic _____  Practicing Sustainable (non - certified organic) _____ Conventional (using synthetic chemicals and/or synthetic fertilizers) _______


All applicants must provide copies of all licenses and permits as required by the City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, State of Texas, USDA or other entity. Food products for human consumption sold at all NCTFM Corp. markets must be produced in city/county or state inspected and state licensed facilities or according to the rules of the TX Cottage Foods Law (HB970). Sellers of potentially hazardous foods (dairy, eggs, meat and other items as allowed by city code) must obtain the appropriate permit from the city of Fort Worth’s Code Compliance Department. Rules & regulations of NCTFM Corp. shall also apply in addition to the above listed items.

All applicants must provide proof of product liability insurance listing NCTFM Corp. as an additional insurance before beginning to sell.

Annual membership fee is $50. Applications are not considered without payment. If your membership is not approved by the board of directors, your fee will be refunded. Applicants that fail the on-site inspection will not have their membership fee refunded. Date paid ____________   payable to NCTFM Corp.

If the annual membership fee is paid after March 1, a late fee of $25 will be charged (not applicable to new members joining after March 1). 

Application must be submitted to and be approved by the board of directors.  An on-site inspection must be conducted by a board (or board appointed) member before the applicant is eligible to sell at any market. Members shall notify the market manager in advance of showing up to sell, when the member will be absent from market and when the member plans to stop selling at market for the season.

As a member, applicant accepts responsibility to notify a board member or market manager of any change in the status of their farm/business operation.


Certification:  I hereby certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I will accept liability for any misrepresentation on my part or that of my agents. I have read and understand the Rules and Regulations of the North Central Texas Farmers Market Corp. and agree to abide by them.

    I understand that selling products not produced by myself at a NCTFM Corp. market is a violation for which the penalty will be loss of membership.  I agree to facilitate any inspection of my farm/facility that is deemed necessary by the board of directors. I further understand that failure to facilitate such inspections is also a violation, which subjects me to the penalty of loss of membership.

Signature _________________________________________  Date _____________________________


Please return check payable to NCTFM Corp., Application, required licenses, certificates or permits to Raymond Miller, 4020 Collinwood Av., Ft. Worth, TX 76107