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Prairie Oasis Farm

25 Years of Free Range Meats   

Our farm story begins in 1994. Once the fencing was done and the pastures were ready we began our farming with raising cows on the native grass pastures. When customers would come to pick up their orders, Kim and I would sit at our kitchen table with our customers, visit and just enjoy life together, and of course take care of business. This was our first “Farm to Table” experience with family and friends.

At a young age the children were involved with the farm. Katelyn (4) and Cody (2) got to name the cows! As the farm grew so did our family when Karah was born. We taught our children to care for the land and humanely raise and process the animals. We are definitely a family farm.

Also, as the years have passed our family kept growing! Our daughter Katelyn and her husband Nathan, our son Cody and his wife Kara, and our daughter Karah (yes, it gets confusing) are playing vital roles in our efforts to bring you good food.

As time passed we brought more animals to the farm. We began offering pasture raised chickens for meat and hens for eggs. We have also added pasture raised pork to our products. Our method of raising these animals gives customers a choice from the industrial CAFO raised meats to a clean and humanely raised meat that you can feel good about feeding to your family.


To be entrusted by you to care for the land, animals, and the food you put on your families table is a charge that we take seriously and humbly.  Today our “Farm to Table” family and friends has grown and we would like to invite you to join us at the table.

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